EnergyPlus Simulation with BIM HVACTool

EnergyPlus is a simulation software developed by the U.S. Department of Energy that models building energy consumption and system performance. It can simulate a wide range of HVAC systems, lighting systems, and renewable energy systems, allowing users to evaluate the energy performance of buildings and optimize their design. EnergyPlus uses a combination of physics-based algorithms and empirical data to model energy transfer within a building and its interactions with the external environment.

Download EnergyPlus:

You can download the EnergyPlus Package for windows 64bit here:

Currently, the software only supports version 22.1

IFC Import

IFC is an open and standardized format that is supported by many BIM (Building Information Modeling) software offerings. This facilitates the exchange of data between various applications used in building planning and management.


CityGML can provide detailed 3D models of entire cities, which can be useful for extensive analyses. With this data, for example, you can study the effects of building shadows, reflections, or wind speed in the city on energy consumption.


The Green Building XML (gbXML) is another open schema that was specifically designed to enable the exchange of building information between Building Information Systems (BIS) and energy simulation tools like EnergyPlus.


With SketchUp, building models can be created and edited quickly and efficiently. These can then be used for energy simulations in EnergyPlus.Spaces can be converted to EnergyPlus with a tool.

Easy to operate

In addition to many other 3D formats that you can import into BIMHVACTool, you can also work in a traditional way and import 2D drawings in the form of DWG or DXF. You can cut out parts from the drawing and rotate, scale them. As shown in the figure, you can move cuts to the right places.

Draw your rooms based on your 2D drawing. Here, you only pick up the inner corner points of the room, as these are always present in the drawing.

The linking and fitting of surfaces to neighboring rooms, as well as adjusting the constructions, happens automaticall

EnergyPlus mode

Experience a new kind of energy building simulation.

BIM IFC Modell
Derived EnergyPlus from the BIM model

During the import of your BIM model, the software analyzes your IFC file, extracting all the necessary information, including building components, zoning, boundary conditions, and rooms. It then attempts to generate a thermal building simulation model for EnergyPlus. Within the BIM HVAC tools, you will be able to see two interconnected buildings. This provides the advantage that if you wish to conduct a thermal simulation in advance, you can apply its results to the airflow simulation.

EMS Settings in BIM HVACTool

EnergyPlus’s Energy Management System (EMS)

is a flexible and customizable tool within the EnergyPlus software that allows users to override or manipulate variables and operational strategies in the simulation. With EMS, users can implement their own algorithms and control logic to dictate how building systems (like HVAC, lighting, etc.) operate and interact with one another, based on specific conditions. Essentially, EMS is a programmable feature that enables the adaptation and customization of the EnergyPlus model, catering to complex or unique building behaviors that are not readily captured by the standard modelling capabilities. This makes EMS a powerful tool for optimizing building energy performance and simulating a wide range of scenario
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