The new Nationalgalerie NG20 with BIM HVACTool

1 year ago
Bildrechte: Herzog & de Meuron

BIM HVACTOol Adddon is needed:

Fluid AddOn

 Featured Image © Herzog & de Meuron

The engineers are using CFD to improve the indoor ventilation with BIM HVACTool Software. The software played a crucial role in running the simulations.

The solver for this kind of project is: “buoyantSimpleFoam” with fvDOM radiation and humidity. Turbulence model can be used with k-Omega SST.

fvOption with BIM HVACTool

The moisture was not released directly at the mouth but can also be released as a source over the entire person. To do this, you can use the fvOption in the BIM HVACTool:

fvOption for Humidty Sources inside BIM HVACTool

The background network can be set with the help of the BlockMesh. To do this, slide the slider either to the left or to the right:

BlockMesh with BIM HVACTool

Certain areas can be refined in the BIM HVACTool with a refinement box:

Refinement Boxes with BIM HVACTool

A jet nozzle can also be easily set using the boundary conditions:

type flowRateInletVelocity;
flowRate volumetricFlowRate;
volumetricFlowRate constant 0.05;
value uniform (0.000 0.000 0.000);

type fixedHumidity;
mode relative;
method magnus;
humidity 0.75;
value uniform 0.0;
Boundary Conditions for Inlets with Humidty inside BIM HVACTool




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