How to get a Demo license?

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Create an
Account first

Click the button: “Create a new account”.

Fill in the necessary information

Please write your username, email address and company or university name.

Please click the button: “Create”.

If information is not available to you, the software will ask if you would like to receive a 30-day demo license.

Send activation link to your Email

Activation link will be sent to e-mail, which you have written already. Please check also the spam folder.

Confirm the activation link

Please confirm your activation link in the email.

Login with your new account

After your account has been activated, enter the same user data again. In particular, the password must always match which you have chosen yourself beforehand.

Enjoy your DEMO license

It looks like the DEMO license has been transferred. Now we hope you will have a lot of fun with the software.

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